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The most low maintenance blouse you will ever own!

Traditional cotton saree blouses are very high maintenance. Firstly, they cannot be machine washed as the colour might run. secondly, cotton saree blouses may also shrink when washed making it ill fitting. And lastly, the blouses may not fit you in the future as your body changes its shape. 

So although you may have a huge collection of blouses, many of them may be unwearable. What do we do in this case?
Well the simple solution is to wear a blouse made of tshirt material. Tshirt material is long lasting and durable. Its also comfortable and the colour does not run. These fabrics are bio-washed which is a kind of treatment to ensure that the finish is bright and smooth. Our tshirt material blouses are made with 180GSM fabric which is perfect for a great quality blouse. Its not too thin, that it begins to loose its shape quickly, but not to thick that it becomes too hot to wear. 
Another great thing about knit cottons is that they are stretchable. This means no matter what new shape your body takes on, whether its after having a child or etc..the blouse will always fit you!
The knitted cotton material is also highly breathable making it a great option to wear during the summers. Its loose fit at the waist ensures that air circulates freely and does not make you feel stuffy like a traditional blouse. These blouses are also available in a variety of lenghts so you can choose to cover your tummy if you prefer. This is especially useful for wearing sarees to the office, where you want something form fitting but dont want to attract added attention from colleagues. With a longer blouse, you can comfortable go about your day in a saree without having to worry about whether your blouse will cooperate. 
The blouses are also available in different sleeve lengths. A longer sleeve tshirt blouse is perfect for the winters and to layer with a jacket. 
Tshirt blouses are also machine washable and can be put in the dryer or hung dry. Since you need not worry about the colour running, you can just wash it together with your regular clothes. Easy! These blouses also do not require ironing at all! and they are by far the most convenient was and wear blouses available! 

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