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Design for long blouse

A few years ago, Aishwarya Rai wore a long blouse to cannes immediately after having a baby. This was a great selection because it allowed her to cover her postpartum stomach without compromising on style. Since then, many people have embraced long saree blouses!

Long saree blouses are more modest. And there are quite a few reason why you may want a more modest blouse. Firstly, your body may be changing due to postpartum or other health issues. A long saree blouse covers your tummy and lets you focus on other things which are more important without making you feel uncomfortable or insecure. 

Another place where you may want a more modest fit is at the office. Many people enjoy wearing sarees to the office and its considered as power dressing. However, you may not be comfortable with exposing your waist for 8 hours a day, especially when you want to focus on your work. So in this case a long saree blouse is great option. 

Long saree blouses are still form fitting, so they look very elegant with sarees.  Since they are fitted, they offer a lot of support and you can carry your saree pallu either up for down with a lot of ease. 

Moreover because they offer more coverage, you can afford to experiment with unique drapes and saree draping styles. So if you are keen on making sarees a critical part of your wardrobe then you need to ensure that you include at least a couple of long blouses in your collection.  

The extra coverage also comes in handy when you are travelling or have a busy day running errands. If you are new to wearing sarees, wearing a long saree blouse lets focus on creating other memories, other than being worried about how your saree and blouse fits.

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