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Black blouse designs

Black blouse designs

Having a black blouse design in your closet is absolutely mandatory. It's like a desi version of a little black dress. Black blouse designs go with almost any saree colour and it's so versatile that it makes sense to have more than one black blouse design. 

So here's a list of different black blouse designs that you must have in your closet. 

High neck black blouse designs
  1. A high neck blouse just adds so much elegance to an outfit. You can pair it with any necklace and the black background just makes both the necklace and your saree pop. Many people worry that high neck blouses can't be worn by people with short necks, but the trick is to wear it with the right necklace and saree pallu drape which elongated the neck. 
Long sleeve black blouse designs
  1. A long sleeved black blouse is our go to blouse for absolutely any saree. It always matches perfectly and looks elegant and refined. The black colour is slimming and makes everyone look fantastic. The long sleeves make you look taller. If the blouse is longer in length like a T-shirt then you can add a belt make it look more interesting
Long black blouse designs
  1. This is a great option for creating a slimming and elongated effect
Scoop neck
  1. A scoop neck blouse is just perfect for the office. It's slight open neck is light and breathable without being overly revealing. You won't have to worry about anything except to concentrate in your work
Back design
  1. While black blouse designs can be a bit boring, adding a unique blouse back design can be an interesting way to spice it up. The adding a fun motif on the back is fun way to make an individualistic statement about who you are. 

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