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Design for long blouse

A few years ago, Aishwarya Rai wore a long blouse to cannes immediately after having a baby. This was a great selection because it allowed her to cover her postpartum stomach without compromising on style. Since then, many people have embraced long saree blouses! Long saree blouses are more modest. And there are quite a few reason why you may want a more modest blouse. Firstly, your body may be changing due to postpartum or other health issues. A long saree blouse covers your tummy and lets you focus on other things which are more important without making you feel uncomfortable or insecure.  Another place where you may want a more modest fit is at the office. Many people enjoy...

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21 blouse saree combinations inspired by deepika padukone in saree

They say deepika padukone with saree can stop traffic and they are not wrong. The saree deepika padukone can pull off like no other celebrity. Saree deepika padukone wears are in many types from floral to banarasi, to traditional sarees.  Lets take a look at deepika padukone with saree outifts. Floral sarees. Deepika padulone with saree in florals makes her look very fresh and spring ready. Anyone will look great in these vibrant prints. Here are some images on the floral saree deepika padukone wears.  Simple sarees Next, we look at some her simple saree looks with either a matching or constrasting blouse. The saree deepika padukone prefers are in light pastel colours which also make her look very elegant...

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Black blouse designs

Black blouse designs Having a black blouse design in your closet is absolutely mandatory. It's like a desi version of a little black dress. Black blouse designs go with almost any saree colour and it's so versatile that it makes sense to have more than one black blouse design.  So here's a list of different black blouse designs that you must have in your closet.  High neck black blouse designs A high neck blouse just adds so much elegance to an outfit. You can pair it with any necklace and the black background just makes both the necklace and your saree pop. Many people worry that high neck blouses can't be worn by people with short necks, but the trick...

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12 Types of Flower Rangoli Designs for different areas

Flower rangoli designs are a simple way to decorate a large or small space for absolutely any occasion. Flower rangoli designs instantly brighten up a space with the lively colours and decorate the place. Flower petals are also easily available and many people find it easier to create flower rangoli designs rather than powder since Flower petals are easy to shape and make interesting flower rangoli designs.  Flower rangoli designs are suitable for all kinds of occasions, whether its a wedding or a small puja at home. So lets take a look at some flower rangoli images for different celebrations and different areas.    Flower Rangoli Designs for a grand entrance. When hosting an event its important to create a welcoming...

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